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We are on a mission to free people from the old way of working by leveraging future technology (primarily by leveraging cloud technology that improves group communication and collaboration). We believe that ‘the cloud’ is the new standard for office solutions and how we will work. We help our clients implementing cloud tools and establishing new ways of working to make their teams super productive.

How We Work

We are a distributed meaning virtual company. Everyone at Blackboat works from the location they choose. We’re spread over Europe (mainly Hamburg and Berlin) and organize our way with collaborative tools such as Slack, Facebook Workplace or G Suite. You can either work from home or from a WeWork, Mindspace office nearby or our shared office space location in Hamburg -  depending on what works best for you. All you need is a laptop and a solid internet connection. We believe in this distributed team setup - learn more about this philosophy here in a short video by our founder Christoph Magnussen.

Joining the Team

After an interview round with all leading team members - starting with a virtual meeting via Hangout or Skype - you will work with us on a first project to see how we work together and how the setup works for you. When you join us as a full time team member you will join the training and support team for the beginning to get a better understanding for our customers needs and expectations.

Current Jobs we're looking for:

Joined Work Weeks

We gather together on a frequent basis to create a better work atmosphere within our distributed team setup. Travelling is part of our job but also company life in order to create a better bond within the team. Cities and locations for meetups and retreats can be anywhere around the world - unless there isn’t a proper internet connection.

Does it match?

Blackboat Crew members love ‘new stuff’, they are willing to improve the way they work, operate autonomously, are fun to work with and have a honest interest to help. Transparent and fast communication is key to our successful collaborative culture. If you want to get an impression on our work, clients and team, you can look up some of the videos on YouTube by Christoph.

How to apply?

Fill out our job application form and tell us why you would like to join Blackboat, what you want to contribute and how you think your job will look like. Try to write max. 2500  characters (roughly one page) and attach a representative link to an online profile of yourself (LinkedIn, XING, Website, Facebook etc.).


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