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Our projects cover a range of themes; from choosing and implementing cloud tools, to security advisory on your digital collaboration IT infrastructure, to workshops on future workplace design. We promise a hands-on approach and ensure workable results and implementation power if required.


Mymuesli (retail) - G Suite implementation & Bootcamps

We helped advise on the decision between tools such as Office 365 and G Suite from a leadership, admin and user perspective. Additionally we led the deployment and change management phase for 800+ employees and 50 locations.


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Thjnk (agency) - NEw Work SETUP & COLLABORATION

With more than 400 employees, thjnk is one of the most successful agencies in Germany. We helped to identify and roll out highly collaborative tools for their project work and supported the IT department to bring 'new work' to traditional admin setups.  


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As part of their digital transformation, we supported new ways of digital and social collaboration. We helped to identify weak points that needed attention, before a roll-out and structured the pilot phases for cloud-based tools.



Our clients are result driven companies who wants to improve the way of collaboration to communicate and execute faster, more productive and work more flexible. At Blackboat we are the experts to find the best possible way of collaboration, naming the right tools and more important help you implementing and getting the most out of these tools with our tech team. This is how we free your people from the 'old way of working.



We are a team of cloud experts, new work advisors, hackers, entrepreneurs and digital transformation consultants. If you want to join us you can find our application page here.


our weekly youtube series

The digital world is changing with tremendous speed every day. New tools, features and innovations that need to be screened. We share everything that we think is important to stay ahead of the game. 


OUr weekly 'new Work' Podcast


The 'On the Way to New Work' podcast is a weekly interview series by Blackboat founder and CEO Christoph Magnussen and thjnk group chairman Michael Trautmann. It focuses on the people behind the digital transformation and focuses on how work is changing through tools and new work methods. 

It started during a trip to New York where the entrepreneurs had the idea for a shared book project and began to document their interveiws for the book in the form of a podcast. The larger part of the interviews are in German and their participants range from top level executives like Axel Springer, CEO Mathias Döpfner or Volkswagen CDO Johann 'JJ' Jungwirth, to founders like Christian Häfner, who works entirely remotely, and even including 15 year-old students who run their own agency in the afternoon. 

A new episode is released every Monday morning 6:30 am CET and you can subscribe via Soundcloud (see left), Spotify or iTunes (see below).


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We are happy to provide you with direct references wherever possible. Just ask. Below is a list of selected clients.


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