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Our mission is to free people from the old ways of working by leveraging future technologies. Everything we do relates back to that mission.  Our work is based on the 'Collaboration Performance Map' (find out more about it here), a canvas that takes all areas of your organisation that are affected by the new work environment into account. It helps you to communicate your collaborative needs and technical demands. This video from Blackboat’s CEO and founder Christoph Magnussen explains the CPM and gives you an overview of how we work with this model.


Consulting and Deployment for cloud office solutions like G Suite and Office 365  

The workplace of the future blurs the lines between digital and physical space. Advanced productivity and collaboration solutions enable your people to work with partners, coworkers and customers whenever and wherever they need. This ‘new work’ is fueled by tools that improve your internal operations and help your teams to communicate much faster, more transparently and more intensely across the organisation. Increasing productivity within weeks and at the same time ensuring the highest IT security standards, requires cloud-based solutions to be scalable, the best in their class and simultaneously an ideal fit to your operational needs. Blackboat helps you identify your requirements and choose the cloud solution that best suits your needs. Additionally, we will support you in implementing these solutions such as G Suite or Office 365  and build a scalable setup that goes beyond the standard 'off-the-shelf' product from these providers. 


Digital Transformation Consulting & Trainings

Digital tools transform our work. A recent study ("Digitale Agenda 2020 Human Resources”) shows that half of the workforce already experiences tremendous change in their daily work environment, but do not see any strategy or concepts provided by their employer. We help you to structure your existing ideas, identify blind-spots and deliver you a very hands-on, customized bootcamp on digitization for your people. The goal is to achieve a positive can-do attitude towards all upcoming digital transformation projects.


Managed Services and Support for Cloud Tools

We are partners of Google, Microsoft, FireEye, OneLogin, Prosperworks, Bettercloud, Backupify and many more cloud-based providers. Apart from the market overview, we provide you with first-level support, monthly consolidated invoicing, important admin updates and access to our cloud advisors for a various number of cloud tools. Our service team will help you reduce running IT costs and ensure the best possible outcome of your cloud investment.


Cloud Security Advisory

The cloud can be the most secure state of the art IT setup, if the architecture of the initial setup is managed accordingly. We support you with our knowledge and access to leading security and admin providers to make your cloud more secure than an on-premise setup. Data security and privacy take up considerable space within our projects and are also part of our training and experience days to teach your people necessary basics. Learn more about the latest cloud and cyber security trends and all the basics that are worth communicating to your people on our youtube channel. 


New Workspace Consulting & Remote Work Setups

Digital tools enable us to work from everywhere. It’s harder than ever to draw a line between digital and physical space. Apart from the digital collaboration tools, social collaboration and the office are one of the key “tools” that shape how we work. Traditional workplaces do not meet these new requirements. We help you to redesign your workspace and turn the office into a high performance tool.

Our CLOUD tool partners

All cloud service and tool providers we work with share the common goal of reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving security for our clients. We make sure that the legal and technical requirements are met as well as the fit for the individual client's needs.

Google Partner Blackboat.png

Google's G Suite solution is one of the fastest and leanest collaboration suites on the market. It offers e-mail, data management, a calendar tool, video-conferencing and unlimited space for millions of customers around the globe. We partner with Google to provide our clients with this product, with its 'New Work' insights as well as its implementation, deployment and virtual admin support.

Microsoft Partner Blackboat.png

Office 365 is Microsoft's answer to G Suite and a product with an unmatched variety of features for customizing the cloud collaboration experience. Many clients rely on Microsoft already. Working with Outlook, calendar, Skype, Teams or OneDrive directly from the cloud can leverage a team's potential for collaboration and 'New Work'.

Technology and Security Partners

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Bettercloud Partner

Bettercloud is one of the best tools to administrate large cloud tool accounts and keep an eye on the settings and security features.

FireEye Silver Partner

FireEye is the No 1 provider when it comes to real-time, cloud based cyber security solutions.  


Prosperworks Partner

Prosperworks is a CRM tool that is deeply integrated within G Suite and keeps sales deals and piplelines up-to-date.

Datto Backupify Partner

Backupify provides an additional backup to the Amazon AWS cloud for your Office 365 and G Suite account.